Barley Bay

Myra and Trevor Hutton are the textile artist and photographer/ graphic artist behind Barley Bay.

They have spent their lives honing our respective arts – in Myra’s case her award-winning rich and luscious textile imagery and Trevor with his digitally-altered photography.

Their art has sold at fairs and galleries both locally and nation-wide for over a decade. Dedicated to developing and expanding their ranges of fine art cards, you can usually find them in their studio in the Buckinghamshire countryside.

While Myra sews a symphony with her vibrant threads, Trevor breathes new life into a photograph in his digital darkroom, the computer. 

When not working, you can find Myra and Trevor rollicking through the fields with Rollo the spaniel, or sampling the best of English towns through their galleries and cafes.

Art lovers and not just artists, they find it hard to resist adding to their personal collection when they spot something special.

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