Carolyn Hird-Rogers

Carolyn Hird-Rogers has been working as a creative designer and artist for over 20 years. 

Initially trained and working as a ceramic designer Carolyn’s love of line and structure has led to her developing a digital drawing style and an interest in expressive mono-print changing her creative focus, creating her design led print business, Rogers Ink.

Inspired by the skylines, strong shadows, stark outlines and beautifully silhouetted trees on top the hills around Skipton on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, images emerge from the landscape to be re-created on greeting cards, framed wall pieces and artist books capturing the essence of the wild beauty found here.

Carolyn collages with mixed media, mono-printing and digital drawing, inspired by the colour palette and stylised designs of the 1950’s, to put together these original images.

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