Janine Baldwin

Janine’s work is the expression of a lifelong affinity with the landscape. She lives on the North Yorkshire coast and this location is a constant source of inspiration to her painting. Her interest lies not in making a literal representation of nature but rather in celebrating the physical sensory experience of land and sea, and she hopes to capture some of that energy on paper and canvas.

Associations arise from the colours and lines in Janine’s abstract work – a fresh green may be reminiscent of new foliage in springtime, a round shape may recall pebbles smoothed by the waves. The paintings are reworked several times with a gradual layering of paint and oil sticks (oil paint in solid form) are often used to integrate drawing and painting. Recently drawing and collage have been central to her work and she has combined pastel, charcoal and graphite to explore mark-making. Influences include Abstract Expressionism (particularly Willem de Kooning), Joan Eardley, Cy Twombly and Cornish art.

Janine has exhibited extensively across the UK, including with the Royal Academy of Arts, the Society of Women Artists, and the Pastel Society UK, London. She is honoured to have won awards for her work such as The Arts Club Charitable Trust Award, the Haworth Prize, and the Unison Colour Young Artists Award, and she is thrilled to also be an Associate Artist of Unison Colour. It was a huge honour in 2017 to be elected a member of the prestigious Pastel Society, London.

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