Sue Hone

Sue started painting in her early 60s and with her first two paintings,  achieved a childhood ambition of having them accepted for the Ferens (Hull) Open Art Exhibition in 2018 and a further one in 2019.  

That gave Sue the confidence to bare her soul and let others see her work.  

Sue has had no formal training except for a local six-week art course, where her biggest lesson learnt was to keep going!  

She loves using acrylics and find the colours and texture suit her style. She is obsessed with painting coastal areas and revel in simplicity, form and glorious colour.

“A friend recently told me that painting for her was a peaceful occupation, for me, it is not.  Painting for me is almost like giving birth and can be at times a long and painful process, but ultimately, it is a labour of love.  Invariably, as with birth, the finished product makes all the effort worthwhile.”

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